HD-Green Plus Agarose Tablets

HD-Green Plus Agarose Tablets

No weighing, safer and faster than ever With the newly developed Intas HDGreen Plus Tablets you get all components of a standard agarose gel in one tablet. This will include the agarose, running buffer and Intas HDGreen Plus DNA stain. There will be no weighing required while also receiving standardized quality gels that can be precicely cast with your desired agarose concentration. Intas HDGreen Plus Tablets will give you an easy solution to everyday laboratory work and will save you a great amount of time. 


Features of Intas HDGreen Plus Tablets:

· Tablet format - no weighing equipment required

· Safe DNA stain already included - no gel staining needed

· Buffer already included

· Powder free

· Very stable at room temperature if protected from light

· Only pure water is needed

· Fast dissolving protocol


Intas HDGreen Plus Tablets contain:

· Atlas ClearSight DNA stain

· High quality agarose

· TBE powder




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