The InSyTe FLECT/CT is the first and only true 360° Tomographic Optical Preclinical Imaging System with in-line CT. The FLECT/CT configuration combines all the advantages of the FLECT subsystem – providing full functional imaging capabilities – combined with the anatomical imaging capabilities of the in-line CT subsystem. The dual-modality configuration provides a complete imaging solution for advanced preclinical imaging studies without the use radioactive tracers. Progress in chemical synthesis and labeling strategies for tracers as well as of the shelf availability of a wide range of NIR fluorophores allow for a broadspectrum pf applications to be investigated with the InSyTe FLECT/CT system.


The InSyTe in the configuration as FLECT/CT dual modality system is a table top system (135cm X 80 cm x 80 cm) weighing 120 kg and therefore suitable for installation on a standard laboratory benchin any BS1 or BS2 laboratory.


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