Phyto Jet Plant Imager

Phyto Jet Plant Imager

The brand new Intas PhytoJet Imager is the perfect optical imaging system for the in vivo analysis of plants. This highly modular and easy to use whole plant imager brings you the perfect instrument for scientific research and stunning optical results. With its super-highresolution RGB cameras you can acquire brilliant plant phenotyping images in two planes, while also having the choice of integrating fluorescence imaging capabilities for a variety of fluorophores, like GFP and YFP.


      ■ Color Top Camera 5 MPixels

      ■ Color Side Camera 5 MPixels

      ■ 12 Bit source signal / 4096 grayscales

      ■ 16 Bit data saving / 65536 grayscales

      ■ 15.6 inch touchpanel, PC not necessary!

      ■ Touchscreen usable with gloves

      ■ Save your files on USB flash drive, local HDD or network devices

      ■Ultra-high-speed motorized zoom lens

      ■ Pin sharp in each zoom step

      ■ One Click Imaging

      ■ Predefined zoom steps

      ■ Automated exposure time

      ■ User friendly touchsceen solution

      ■ Connections: 4 x USB, 1 x network

      ■ Made in Germany



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