ECL Western Blotting Substrate

ECL Western Blotting Substrate

Infinity ECL detection reagents are non-radioactive, luminol-based chemiluminescent substrates, developed for the detection of immobilized proteins and nucleic acids conjugated with horseradish-peroxidase (HRP).
Infinity ECL products cover an enormous range of possible signal intensity and duration, starting with the entry level Starlight up to the top-of-the line model Lightning. Every single one of these substrates is among the leaders of its market segment not only when it comes to its sensitivity, but also in its price-performance ratio. Infintiy ECL substrates from Intas for the detection of HRP are a powerful tool for the investigation of low-expressed proteins up to a detection limit of a few femtograms. The higher and more uniform emission of these chemiluminescence substrates of the second generation will also allow for lower use of primary as well as secondary antibody and hence lower the costs for Western blots considerably.



Substrate Characteristics Antibodys Dilution Primary Antibodys Dilution Secondary
Menge Preis
Infinity Starlight Standard-Signal Intensity 1/100 - 1/5,000 1/1,000 bis 1/15,000 250ml / 2500cm² Membrane 75,00 €
Infinity Airglow Middle Signal Intensity 1/500 - 1/5,000 1/20,000 bis 1/100,000 250ml / 2500cm² Membrane 85,00 €
Infinity Aurora High Signal Intensity 1/1,000 - 1/15,000 1/25,000 bis 1/150,000 250ml / 2500cm² Membrane 105,00 €
Infinity Dawn Ultra High Signal Intensity 1/5,000 - 1/50,000 1/50,000 bis 1/250,000 100ml / 1000cm² Membrane 195,00 €
Infinity Flash Extreme Signal Intensity 1/5,000 - 1/100,000 1/100,000 bis 1/500,000 100ml / 1000cm² Membrane 225,00 €




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